From your point of view, how important is technology in education.?

Question by 7706123: From your point of view, how important is technology in education.?
From your point of view, how important is technology in education. What technology-related skills can you contribute to a school district?

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Answer by ISYS
Technology is needed and brings helps make education easier.

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07 2011

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  1. lisaclara #

    I believe that knowing how to use software is the best use of technology in education. Some things are highly important. Most importantly, using a word processor and programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint along with basic typing skills. Even my 5 year old knows how to navigate the internet – that is not training the schools should be doing because kids these days can hack through any system and view inappropriate material during their school time and there is not enough supervision to properly monitor it. I don’t want my kids accessing garbage that I don’t let them mess with at home. I argued with my Kindergarten educator over this and they tried to tell me that they use it to have the kids go to various helpful educational websites and that they have such a “secure” system. Ha! You can’t put one over on kids by truly believing an adult has a better handle on computers than kids do – they should be training their teachers! I could definitely come in and teach kids how to use a word processor to make typing up their papers fast and easy. I can teach basic typing skills and introduce educational software that does not run on the internet at all to help with any area they may be having challenges.

  2. Lizz K #

    i have my kids playing interactive games for 30 min a day it helped their eye and hand coordination i monitor what they do since they are only 3,4,6 and they get to interact with characters they love and learn to count and know they can soon learn to do it without help and it boosts confidence in themselves. I receive my child’s grades by email and can make sure my oldest is on track. Teacher parent interaction is improved ten fold. A Child can find books and resources all over the world i agree with the entry above supervision is key mine have visual supervision. Your school might need better network security and daily lists of which computer is used at what time and read through the lists of sites visited which contain sexual keywords on the page etc. I’m all for technology with responsibility behind it.

  3. Carolina #

    I believe that technology is very important in education. It is a huge motivator for students and enhances learning. Like many things it is another tool for teachers to use.

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